Cornbread in Wine Country?

Wine country not only produces some of the world’s richest wines, it also showcases the finest California cuisine.  No trip to Napa Valley County is complete without savoring grilled artichokes, halibut seasoned with fresh herbs, sweet tomatoes, creamy avocado and pungent cheese.  But cornbread?  “Yes, cornbread,” responded Rutherford Grill.  As a couple whose families are rooted in the south, replete with cooks who could rival the country’s best chefs and have perfected the side dish that accompanies any family dinner, you must understand  our skepticism.  That skepticism began to fade when our order arrived in its own cast iron skillet.  Proper.  Ok, maybe they might know what they’re doing.   Sweet and savory; crunchy and soft – this cornbread struck the fine balance between the dichotomies that make a cornbread delectable.  In wine country?!?  In. Wine. Country.

iron skillet cornbread
Rutherford Grill

Rutherford Grill

We still had our artichokes.

grilled artichokes
Rutherford Grill



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