The Plant

I love restaurants that equally cater to meat eaters and vegans alike! We found one – The Plant – we really enjoy in San Francisco at Pier 3 that offered a wonderful view of the amazing Bay Bridge Lights Show.  With all of the friends and family who plan to travel through Chicago this summer, we need to find one here. Stat!

What’s your favorite restaurant that caters to meat and non-meat eaters?


When I Think Of Home

…I think of a place where there’s –


Sutro Baths

Sutro Baths then –

Sutro Baths now –



Land’s End

Where the land meets the Pacific Ocean is one of my favorite places on Earth.  While taking  a calorie-burning walk the last time we were in San Francisco after indulging in the deliciousness of our favorite restaurant, Sutro’s at The Cliff House, something new caught our eye.  High above the historic Sutro Baths, the National Park Service has erected a sustainable building marking this very special patch of Land’s End.  My favorite feature are the Leave Your Voice boxes that hold beautiful expressions written by visitors – visitors from all over our precious world who are captivated by this piece of land’s end and who are reminded of the land from which they visit.

This, along with our recent visit to Little Rock’s Central High School Historic Site, has deepened my appreciation for the National Park Service.

What National Park Site is your favorite?



Named for the adjacent historic baths that provide a conversational and beautiful backdrop, Sutro’s is my favorite restaurant in San Francisco.  It NEVER disappoints!!!  We snuck in there for a final meal before year’s end and were blessed with a fog-less day allowing us to see for miles.

Any favorite restaurant plans on this holiday weekend?