Invitation To Love

Come when the nights are bright with stars 
          Or when the moon is mellow; 
Come when the sun his golden bars 
          Drops on the hay-field yellow. 
Come in the twilight soft and gray, 
Come in the night or come in the day, 
Come, O love, whene’er you may, 
          And you are welcome, welcome.

You are sweet, O Love, dear Love, 
You are soft as the nesting dove. 
Come to my heart and bring it rest 
As the bird flies home to its welcome nest.

Come when my heart is full of grief 
          Or when my heart is merry; 
Come with the falling of the leaf 
          Or with the redd’ning cherry. 
Come when the year’s first blossom blows, 
Come when the summer gleams and glows, 
Come with the winter’s drifting snows, 
          And you are welcome, welcome.
~Paul Laurence Dunbar

Light Up The Sky

Happy Monday! Let’s light up the whole sky this week:)

all this time,
the sun never says
to the Earth,
“You owe me.”
what happens
with a love like that –
it lights up the whole sky!

What’s your morning inspiration today?


A Love Day Poem


Because you love me I have much achieved, 
Had you despised me then I must have failed, 
But since I knew you trusted and believed, 
I could not disappoint you and so prevailed.
~Paul Laurence Dunbar

What expressions of love are most important to you?


Power of Love

when the power of love

What are some of your favorite quotes?


The Power of Love

Happy Monday!  As we begin a new week, reflect on the power you exude at your places of employment.  Does love abide in your power?

One of the greatest problems of history
is that the concepts of love and power
are usually contrasted as polar opposites.

Love is identified with a resignation of power
and power with a denial of love.
What is needed is a realization that power
without love is reckless and abusive

and that love without power
is sentimental and anemic.

Power at its best is love implementing the demands of justice.
Justice at its best is love correcting everything that stands against love.
~Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 1966

What are your concepts of love and power?  Do your love and power work in harmony?