Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful

Thankful: This is a picture of the broom we jumped at our wedding.  Jumping the broom is an African-American tradition that dates back as early as slavery and some argue even prior within West African traditions.  During slavery, marriages between  African-Americans weren’t recognized because slaves were considered property and could be separated by sell at any time.  Our ancestors would hold ceremonies in their housing quarters and jump the broom to symbolize their marriage.

We chose to place pictures of our parents’ weddings on our broom, pictures they took with their parents.  It was a way of bringing our grandparents, who each are no longer with us, into our ceremony.  We are beyond thankful for our elders and ancestors, from whose strength and endurance we draw.  Though many of them had limited freedom and resources, they gave us a wealth that is unmatched and beyond appreciated.  

Are you participating in the Weekly Photo Challenge?