America Runs On What?

Dunkin’ Donuts

Really? Runs?  Hmpf. Now that’s a bit of a stretch bound to cause a snap.  However, you’d have to have a strength not fueled by ANYTHING coming out of a Dunkin’ Donuts to do so.  Runs?  RUNS?  Who have you ever seen run while holding a donut?  Or just after eating a donut?  Don’t worry, I’ll wait.  Runs?!?  How far?  Oh, from the car in the closest parking space to the door?   Hmmm, that may even prove challenging.  RUN?!?!?  Wow.  Who first fixed their lips to utter such a phrase?  I imagine when the advertising genius who pulled an all-nighter fueled by the deliciousness of Dunkin’ Donuts presented this slogan to the Board he was coming off of a sugar high on the morning of April first.  However, the Board, also running on Dunkin’, neglected to note the date and didn’t have the brain fuel to support the brain synapsis necessary to connect April first to April Fool’s Day.  Still running off the same Dunkin’, the Board unanimously decided that this was spectacular and gave the green light to proceed.  Is this really how we want to present ourselves?   In our highly litigious society, I think it’s only fair for America to sue Dunkin’ Donuts for defamation of character unless we are in fact “running” on Dunkin’.

Do you believe America is running on Dunkin’?  What are some slogans that make you chuckle or cringe each time you see them?