Named for the adjacent historic baths that provide a conversational and beautiful backdrop, Sutro’s is my favorite restaurant in San Francisco.  It NEVER disappoints!!!  We snuck in there for a final meal before year’s end and were blessed with a fog-less day allowing us to see for miles.

Any favorite restaurant plans on this holiday weekend?



Eastern Market is a foodie’s heaven in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of our nation’s capital.  From the farmer’s market to the restaurants of many cuisines and Sweet Lobby bakery, there’s something for everyone.  In the last year, three special blocks of this neighborhood have become our meeting spot when we’re in town visiting family.  You can eat your way up and down 8th Street SE between D and I Streets.  This past weekend we caught up, laughed a ton and strategized with one of our cousins over a meal at Matchbox.  Matchbox?  Yep, they have matchboxes in the tables.  By the way, there was no way I was going to visit the DMV area and not have some crab.  The crab cake sandwich was on point!

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Have you visited Eastern Market?  What are your favorite Washington D.C.  restaurants?
Random question: Do you like the new photo gallery format?