Healthy Lessons From Rome

Many beautiful surprises awaited us when we traveled through Rome last year.  Though replete with much history that attempts to stand the test of time, there are many aspects of Rome from which modern societies should take note.  For one – free water.  Everywhere.  There are water fountains for drinking and washing feet throughout the city.  Having equal water fountains in our society was a portion of a larger civil rights movement throughout the 1900s.  Though separate public facilities for quenching one’s thirst were deemed unconstitutional, admittedly, aside from in business facilities I have a hard time finding water fountains.  As some concern themselves with finding ways to restrict the availability of beverages with high sugar content that do all but satiate the thirst of citizens, greater access to water fountains could lead to a reduction of consumption of said beverages.  This also reduces the plastic waste that results from purchased beverages as well. Just sayin’.

These Roman water fountains are also important for the second thing our society should adapt – fruit stands.  Not farmers’ markets, but fruit stands.  Instead of ducking into an establishment when hunger pangs arise to satiate them with something fried, dyed and with little nutritional value, fruit stands allow the healthier option to be that much more accessible.  What we do know is that when the better choice is made just as accessible as the less desirable one, more people will make the healthier choice.

What is something you’ve seen while traveling you wish was adopted where you reside?



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