malala yousafzaiI can admit that I am often more inspired by those younger than I am than my elders.  It’s the simplicity of their message, resolve of their conviction and resilience that moves me.  So when I heard the amazing news that Malala Yousafzai returned to school today to resume her education I couldn’t decide to laugh, cry or smile!  I chose all three.  Just months after Taliban extremists attempted to mute the voice of this 15 year old advocating that all girls receive a quality education, she boldly continues her journey making those first steps back to a classroom.  May we all raise daughters and sons with Malala’s strength, bravery and relentless pursuit of education for all.  May we as adults mirror Malala’s resolve as well.

Hear Malala’s words as she made her trek to school today-

How does Malala inspire you?




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