Mom’s Pie

Some of my favorite memories are those of my mom and me creating delectable scrumptious meals in the kitchen together.  Most of them were savory as we didn’t eat many desserts growing up.  But when we did, my mom put her foot in everything.  Within the last decade, my mom has added another self-creation to her repertoire of desserts.  Birthed from my father’s insane desire to ensure everything he puts in his body is healthy, my developed a sugarless apple pie.  Yes, sugarless.  During the holidays when our home is filled to capacity with family and friends, many would skip over the sugarless apple pie to the peach cobbler and amaretto cake.  This was just fine for my dad as he would say, “more for me!”  It wasn’t that it didn’t taste good.  It’s that not one soul would give it a try upon hearing “sugarless.”  However, the tide started shifting as *cue Phaedra Parks voice* everyone knows that everything in Mama Banks’ kitchen is delicious!  So now, instead of one lonely sugarless apple pie cowering in the corner like the overlooked and forgotten, multiples are required to satisfy everyone’s craving for mom’s homemade apple pie.

So what’s the secret?  Well, that’s a family recipe.  However, I will say that it’s not a sugar substitute and a juicer is involved:)

What’s your family’s favorite dessert?



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