Lorraine Hotel

Stop #2 on our half cross-country winter road trip was at the corner of Mulberry Street & Butler Avenue in Memphis, Tennessee. The length of our road trip and need to arrive in North Carolina by a certain time did not allow for us to tour the National Civil Rights Museum.  However, we were committed to spending time reflecting in front of the building across the street from the museum – the painful history of said building being the reason this museum was erected in its location.   As we turned down Butler Avenue a tightening in my chest grew as the place where  the dreamer was killed, but not his dream came into view.  This fall I read Dr. Martin Luther King’s autobiography.  In gaining greater insight into his thought process, sacrifices, commitment and resilience, I gained an even greater respect (I didn’t know I could have held a greater respect for him) for his life’s work.  After parking our truck, few if any words were shared between hubs and I.  We respectively went deep within our thoughts as we gazed upon the balcony.  Tears were shed and gratitude expressed as we paid homage to Dr. King at the place where he lost his life because of his immense and unselfish belief in his dream.

They said one to another, “Behold here cometh the dreamer…
let us slay him…and we shall see what will become of his dreams.”
Genesis 37:19, 20

Have you visited the National Civil Rights Museum or the Lorraine Hotel?


4 thoughts on “Lorraine Hotel

  1. I’m confused. Is the hotel a museum? Or, have they duplicated part of the hotel in a museum?
    Thank you for sharing these photos. This is an area of the U.S. I will probably never see.

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