57th Inauguration

Last week I shared how in a moment’s notice I went from heading back to Chicago to watch the Inauguration from our couch to being among the ticketed allowed to view it from the crowded steps of the U.S. Capitol.  Upon arriving at the U.S. Capitol, lengthy lines to pass through security checkpoints awaited us.  Since it was much warmer than 4 years prior, the wait was bearable.  After receiving the green light from security, we were met with the majestic view of the sun rising behind the Capitol building.  Just as soon as were were to cross Pennsylvania Avenue to take our position just west of middle, we were prevented from passing as to allow uniformed military walking the Avenue leading the procession of vehicles carrying elected officials and others to the Capitol who were in possession of the real golden ticket.  About half an hour later, the impasse was lifted like a gun shot sounding the start of a race.  We all did out best Usain Bolt impersonations in the mad dash to the steps to ensure we got the best remaining position that would allow for us to have a distant view of the actual festivities while being able to rely on the screens made available for closeups.  It was at this point, after snapping one picture, that I put the camera away because there wasn’t even room to allow my lungs to fully expand and take a deep breath.  Literally.

My takeaways from this inauguration –
1) My college roommate is the bomb!  To think to share the additional ticket with me is something I will never forget!
2) In all, a good day of history watching.  It wasn’t as awe-inspiring and surreal as the 56th Inauguration, but nonetheless, worth it!  However, having now recently dealt with crowds at the SF Giants Victory Parade and  57th Inauguration, I’m over crowds.  Totally.

From where did you view the 57th Inauguration?



2 thoughts on “57th Inauguration

  1. I viewed the inauguration wedged between strangers of every race, color and creed! It is evident that your college roommate loves you VERY much as I hear that she asked herself, “who else would you rather spend this day with?” Crowds are horrible places that I can do without but I’m appreciative and honored that a friend shared HER tickets with ME. I pray that my beloved President delivers on the promises he spoke of that I didn’t actually get to hear until I watched CNN later that evening.

    • we won’t share WHY you didn’t get to hear most of the speech until catching its rerun on CNN later that evening. despite a few of the challenges of the day, i really am thrilled that we get to recall our inauguration adventure years from now.

      btw, i have a great picture of you and dionne. i didn’t want to post it on the blog without your permission so i will indeed send it to you. have a beautiful day:)

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