Pepper Palace

Like a vegan at a rib festival, a store rests on the eighth floor of the extravagance that is the Water Tower Place that just doesn’t quite fit.  Among the upscale shops and dining that completes the tower on the north end of the Magnificent Mile rests a Pepper Palace?!?

photo courtesy of The Harrises of Chicago

photo courtesy of The Harrises of Chicago

As I would with the aforementioned vegan, I had to figure out why this was here.  Not only was I intrigued by its placement in Water Tower, but also because we LOVE all things spicy.  So like a moth to a flame, my feet led me to the palace which is replete with as much creativity as it is the spicy.

I tasted and contemplated which to purchase until I noticed several offerings that were beyond ridiculous.  Here I present the:

But why would you though?

The weekend following my discovery, I dragged my husband to the eighth floor to see if it would garner the same reaction I had.  And it did! He very quickly turned to me and said, “Um, this doesn’t seem to fit.”  However, that didn’t stop him from being entranced by its mystique and walking in to begin the same ritual that had befallen so many.

Are you a fan of spicy food?  What’s your go to hot sauce?



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