Dexter Avenue Baptist Church

Scriptures say that there is no greater love than for a man to lay down his life for a friend.  On this day 84 years ago, a man was born who was willing to dedicate his life knowing that he “may not get there with” the rest.   When Dr. King was installed as pastor in 1954 at the young age of 27, he had no idea that he would soon lead more than just his congregation through the valley and steer them on the path to the mountaintop, of which he dreamed.

The walls in Montgomery’s Dexter Avenue Baptist Church have withstood the test of time – having been built in 1885 – and provided a structure during the organization of many historical events.  This is my family’s church where aunts and uncles sat in its pews during the Montgomery Bus Boycott, cousins spent their summer days attending Vacation Bible School, families attended Sunday service and where we celebrated the lives of my maternal grandparents just before they were laid to rest.

Happy birthday Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.!



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