Kara’s Cupcakes

I’m not a huge fan of sweets and have been known to forego desserts for a second serving of dinner.  Don’t judge.  As a result, cupcakes are perfect because of their size when the rare sweet craving consumes me.  However, many people don’t get it right for my liking.  Overly frosted cupcakes saturated in sugar, dry cake leaving me salivating for a tall glass of soy milk, and most importantly, no filling.  Yes, filling.  Oh, how I love a filled cupcake!  I’d prefer an absolutely no frosted filled cupcake.  I digress.

In the center of the chocolate-y greatness that is Ghirardelli Square lies Kara and her crew of cupcake fairies waving wands to create the best d@mn filled cupcakes ever. E – V – E – R!  My favorite – the passion fruit filled cupcake!!!  Go ahead, wipe the drool.  Regardless of the amount of time we have when visiting family in San Francisco, a pit stop is always made to the square to pick up some cupcakes even if we wait until we return home to enjoy.

Do you enjoy a filled cupcake?  When you return home, where must you eat?




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