Study Yourself

Happy Monday!  It’s the first Monday of 2013.  Whatever may have been your lot in 2012 doesn’t have to be in 2013.  Do you desire a career change?  Are you unfulfilled in the work you complete day in and day out?  Do your passions remain unleashed?  A few words of wisdom from Dr. Maya Angelou on your journey for making those dreams become reality –

Study.  Study yourself.  See who you really want to be.
And as soon as you see it, say it.  Put it out into the universe.

You must say it, and then go about the business of becoming it.
Study it…and bring all your energies to it.
~Dr. Maya Angelou

What do you need to declare to the universe?  What deserves all of your energies?

Check back for our 2013 campaign!


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