Uno Spuntino Romano

When’s the last time you had a snack?  I don’t mean chowing down on some almonds while staring at a blinding computer screen catching up on urgent emails.  I mean non-United States style where a snack comes during a break – a real physical and mental break from all things consuming.  Need a moment to recollect?  Don’t worry, I’ll wait.  Never?  Yeah, me too until we chose to do something a bit out of the ordinary.  While attempting to see everything Rome had to offer under a blistering and unrelenting sun, we recognized that our brisk walk had become more of a traipse.  Though not famished, it was at that moment of clarity we decided to nestle on an outdoor patio and enjoy a snack.  Now I know it’s not the same as taking a real break during the work day, but it’s interesting how some of one’s hectic lifestyle can creep into vacation.  For the first time ever, we sat at a restaurant for a lengthy period of time, savored a bottle of wine – Chianti, of course – and  some fresh bread dipped in olive oil and took a break.

When do you plan on taking a real mid-day break this year?



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