Due Cappuccini

I’m a tea drinker, not a fan of coffee.  Every now and then I will indulge in a white chocolate mocha.  But, when in Rome . . . literally. So through sleep deprived eyes eager to explore more of Rome, we nestled into Gran Caffe Roma at Piazza Venezia and in perfect Italian ordered “due cappuccini.”

What’s your caffeinated drink of choice?  If you’ve been to Rome, what was your must have drink or meal?



5 thoughts on “Due Cappuccini

    • In what cultures have you lived? I credit Starbuck’s and its White Chocolate Mocha for making ‘coffee’ palatable. However, I was pleasantly surprised that cappuccino was so delicious! Thank you for stopping by! Have a great weekend:)

      • I’ve lived a few places in SE Asia. They have a comparable chain to Starbucks called the Coffee Bean, but my real coffee training came in local homes in Sumatra. That stuff can keep you up for days.

  1. I’ve been living in Rome for the past three months. When I arrived, I was a tea drinker through and through, and brought plenty of bags of tea with me from the UK. I enjoyed the odd Starbucks, but coffee wasn’t my thing. I gradually started drinking cappuccinos, and now I’m even able to drink (and enjoy!) an espresso when I really need a caffeine boost!! I would say I’ve been converted…

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