Soul Free

My father always taught us about the vicissitudes of life and that true success comes with the manner in which we maneuver through them.  Some days, it seems like it was just yesterday when we were teenagers and young adults, with little care in the world.  Those aforementioned vicissitudes have a way of  jolting us to the reality of adulthood that the challenges facing many are monumental and at times completely out of our control.

Earlier this year, my friend Kimberly Sutton published her first book of original poetry and asked me to read the following poem at her book signing party.  From the moment I first read it, it indeed lived up to its title and encompassed me with warm feelings and memories of how it was back in the day.  I share this with you today that we may all, even if momentarily, escape the vicissitudes of life and return to a place where we are soulfree.


back in the day it was ALL GOOD

i remember blue skies and endless days
honey-brown skin bathed by the warmth of he sun
tire swings
poppin now & laters and eating sour pickles from
the corner candy store

jumping rope
first ten speed bike
roller skating
playing freeze tag and dodge ball
25 cent juice boxes with blue lips AND matching tongue

first crush
sneaking out to meet him and his friends at the movies

wearing makeup to school hoping to NOT be caught
by my mother-
telltale traces still visible
(’cause it was cheap 99 cent RED LIPSTICK)

soul flying
not a care in the wold
i thought that i’d be young forever

coming into my womanhood
(at least, I thought so) . . .
big hoop earrings
first perm (silky smooth)
wearing my hair “down”

off-the-shoulder shirts
gossiping with my best friend about boys

homecoming games and rallies
school dances
feeling the beat of the music in my stomach
formal dresses
wearing my mother’s jewelry
feeling so grown-up

first REAL date
my hand grasped in his
butterfly kisses
heart beating fast

back in the day it was ALL GOOD

soul flying
not a care in the world
i thought that i’d be young forever
~Kimberly E. Sutton

What poem allows your soul to fly?

Kimberly Sutton’s first book, dancing into unlimited possibilities, is available here.



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