Why I Don’t Shop At Walmart

More than 112 people lost their lives this past weekend while working in a clothing factory in Bangladesh. It’s indeterminable how many lives could have been saved had it not been for nonexistent fire escape, inoperable fire extinguishers and piss poor government regulation. One corporation benefiting from this factory’s production is the world’s largest retailer – Walmart.

Walmart is a corporation owned by the Walton family whose members place #s 6, 7, 8 and 9 on the Forbes list with a combined wealth of more than $100 billion. *let that resonant* And I know that on Monday Walmart claimed they had no knowledge that some of their clothing was still being produced at this particular factory. It may be true; however it’s unacceptable when you are one of the largest corporations in the world and have the resources to understand exactly what is occurring at each link in the chain. In fact, since Bangladesh has and continues to have great safety issues in its nearly 4,000 garment factories it’s unacceptable that Walmart continues to partner with any factory in that country. Given the current economic state of our country, it’s unspeakable that they haven’t opened factories here, in the United States, to not only employ the very people whose money they desire to be spent in their stores, but whose regulation would ensure the safety of its employees.

Truth be told, I didn’t need an additional reason to not shop at Walmart. I haven’t purchased an item from its stores in years because its employees earn a minimum of $8 an hour forcing those very workers to require federal assistance to survive all while its corporation continually produces record profits and its owners are among the richest in the world; Walmart employees have filed numerous charges of unfair labor practices; and healthcare remains unaffordable for many of its employees. It disgusts me and I cannot allow our hard-earned dollars to continue to increase the wealth of a few at the expense of far too many.

Are there any companies you refuse to financial support?

P.S. – I know Walmart isn’t the only corporation with despicable practices.  IKEA, we know you also benefit from Bangladesh factories as well.

2 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Shop At Walmart

  1. Over the last couple of years, I see morale in my local store continue to plunge among Walmart employees. Even though the other local competitors are significantly more expensive on certain items, I am now going to stop shopping at Walmart. Thank you for being one of the straws that broke the camels back.

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