Vacation Juicing


We’ve had such an enjoyable week in Alabama spending time with our family.  However, in strategizing how to circumvent a week of traditional southern cuisine and stick with our usual breakfast regimen, we hit a brick wall and shuddered with fear knowing the lack of healthy options prominently available.

Jamba Juice every morning?  *searches Jamba Juice store locator*  Not one in the entire state of Alabama.
Do we succumb and devour homemade biscuits covered in preserves, buttered grits, scrambled eggs and bacon?  *in my Michael Kyle voice*  Ehhhh no.
Do we take an additional luggage and pack our juicer?  That’s crazy talk.

Hubs suggested we substitute our morning juices with the Naked juices.  I was initially hesitant as I know how many products add sugars and still proclaim how natural and healthy they are.  With a little research, I learned of their commitment to healthy living and a healthy world assuring consumers their products are free of additional sugars and preservatives.  Dilemma solved.  We’ve enjoyed these every morning and afternoon this week!  And that Mighty Mango?!?  Just like biting into my favorite fruit.  I’m glad we’ve found a solution that allows us to maintain a sense of normalcy when we travel.

Have you tried Naked products? 

P.S. – Hoping each of you’ve had a wonderful week!


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