World Series Champions!

I can’t remember, but I may have briefly mentioned my feelings regarding the San Francisco Giants post-season play here and maybe even here.  This happened last night . . .

Since I live in Chicago, I missed the opportunity for the second time in three years to participate in this . . .

Now to see if I can find my way to San Francisco for this week’s parade so I won’t miss this for the second time . . .

*sings* We are the GIANTS, we are the GIANTS, no time for losing cause we are the GIANTS of the world!

Congratulations to the 2012 World Series Champions – the San Francisco Giants!!!

Have you participated in any post game revelry?



7 thoughts on “World Series Champions!

  1. Yes I have! Yankees and Giants. It is an AMAZING experience so I hope you can get home to have one for yourself. Congratulations! *does the cabbage patch for The Bay*

  2. Because it is celebration 2 you may not necessarily need to get there THAT early. You do have to account for traffic and road closures getting to the parade route though. Take a lot of pictures! Even without them you will be able to remember every moment (kind of like Inauguration) vividly. Both parades are etched in stone for me although i wish had more pics. Buy the newspaper, there should be a great pullout inside. And one more thing: STRETCH! You want to be limber climbing up light poles and standing on police barriers to get a better view. 🙂 Enjoy!

  3. I took a ton of pictures! I had one of my Godsons with me so that ensured I stayed in line and didn’t climb on objects frowned upon by the authorities! Thank you for virtually doing the cabbage patch with me;-) Now, if only my 49ers can win the Super Bowl this year too! I’ll post pics soon. 🙂

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