We’re Up In Arms About What?

I don’t even think it’s necessary to qualify this story as the entire country is only talking about one thing.  Still. Since Monday.  It’s Thursday.  Indeed, I’m throwing my two cents into the Replacement-ref-mageddon.  This crisis must be met with strong social media activity, swift criticism from non-football players and the intelligence that typically surrounds any sporting event after much beer has been consumed.  And I understand why we’re still angered and engaging in such vitriolic conversation.  It’s not like the housing market is doing anything newsworthy.  *checks smartphone for CNN breaking news* Oh, prices rose sharply in the housing market.  Hmm.  Ok, but that’s all.  I mean, nothing else is going on in the world and we’re all healthy and safe.  *checks npr.org*  New Sars-like virus emerges in Middle East.  Oh.  I mean, there’s no need to pay attention to this story because it’s waaayyyy overseas.  A virus like that can’t travel west and eventually jump across the pond.  So yeah, really that one referee thought Tate was in full possession of the football and didn’t see him push off his defender?!?  *reads news crawl* The General Assembly of the United Nations is convening.  Topics to be discussed included countering nuclear terrorism.  Well that deserves my attention.  But y’all carry on right after I present the best award for caring far too much about sh*t concerning folks who make millions; I have a newspaper to read. *reads front page* The NFL and its locked-out referees have reached agreement on a contract that will return the officials to the field.  Welp… *turns page*


3 thoughts on “We’re Up In Arms About What?

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