Welcome To Chicago Prince!

Prince, who has long partnered with Rebuild the Dream, is hosting three concerts in Chicago to help spread the word and coalesce volunteers for the organization.  Rebuild the Dream diligently works to create sustainable communities and collaborates towards building a more equitable economy.  We attended the opening show of the  Welcome To Chicago residency, which began Monday.  The venue was packed with young and old, black and white, and of course the purple!  Nearly everyone found a way to incorporate some purple into their ensembles, some less subtle than most.  It was also my first visit to the site of basketball magic – the United Center.  I’m grateful we purchased club level suites allowing us to watch Monday Night Football while awaiting the start of the hour-late show for which Prince sincerely apologized.  All that I’ve read regarding Monday’s concert is true, but we finally saw Prince, danced, sang along to some oldies like Cream and Kiss and even had Purple Rain drizzled on us.  All in all, it was a great evening!  No cameras were allowed, so I  snapped a few shots with my smart phone.

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Have you attended a Prince Concert?  If so, did you enjoy your experience?  What’s your favorite Prince song?



2 thoughts on “Welcome To Chicago Prince!

  1. I saw his Purple Highness last spring and he was phenomenal! A wonderful 2 hours spent even though he did not sing my favorite song Adore. What’s your favorite song Roomie?

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